1.1. These Regulations on the “No Borders in Art” competition determine the procedure for organizing and holding the Competition, the list of participants, the composition of the competition committee, the procedure for evaluating competition works and awarding winners.
1.2. Objectives of the Competition:

• search and support of talents in the visual creative industries among foreign students in Russia;
• Integration of spiritually rich patriotic art into mass culture.
1.3. The competition is aimed at solving the following problems:

• support for talented artists and graphic designers, as well as camera operators and editors among foreign students in Russia;
• development of aesthetic, personal, moral and patriotic qualities of foreign students;
• development of creative initiative and social activity in the field of creative industries among foreign students in Russia.
1.4. Organizer of the Competition
Legal address: 109028, Moscow, B.Trekhsvyatitelsky lane, 2/1, building 2, room 205
Actual address: 105120, Moscow, Nizhnyaya Syromyatnicheskaya str., 10, bld. 2
TIN: 9709042014, reason code: 770901001
To contact the organizers:
You can contact the competition organizer using the following email
1.5. The official source of information and news regarding the Competition is the following website

2.1. The theme of the Competition is patriotic art in visual images representation of Russia by foreign students. The subject of the Competition - works that represent a creative interpretation of the theme of the Competition: participants should develop a graphic sketch using free technique or create a video sketch.
2.2. Artists and graphic designers (foreign students), as well as camera operators and video editors are invited to participate in the competition. Foreign students of any Russian university can take part in the competition (a photo of their student ID is attached to the website as a proof).
2.3. The Competition participant automatically agrees to comply with the terms of this Regulation, by submitting his work to participate in the competitive selection process.
2.4. Vulgarity, the use of neural networks, political and other propaganda, extremism are frowned upon.


4.1. Projects submitted to the Competition are evaluated by a competent independent jury invited by the Competition Organizer.
4.2. The jury evaluates only those works that meet the requirements of these Regulations.
4.3. The decision of the jury is binding and cannot be appealed.
4.4. After announcement of the winners, additional (special) prizes are awarded from the Organizer and partners of the Competition. The selection of works for additional prizes is carried out by the Organizer or a partner of the Competition at its own discretion.
4.5. The Jury includes competent experts from the fields of culture, art and design;
4.6 Works submitted to the Competition remain anonymous for the Jury, i.e. will be transmitted to the Jury without providing information to identify their authors.


5.1. The works of the competition winners will be displayed in one of the VDNH pavilions of “Russia” exhibition.

5.2. The Organizer sends a Diploma of Participation in the Competition electronically to each participant in the Competition to the email address specified during registration.
5.3. If the winner of the Competition is not able to take part in the exhibition of works and personally attend the official opening, the organizers have the right to choose another competitor.
5.4. Participation in the Competition means the Participant’s automatic consent to the production (printing) of his works and their exhibition.

3.1. Works for participation in the Competition are accepted from the 25th December 2023 to the 1st February 2024 inclusive. Deadlines for works’ acceptance may be changed at the discretion of the Competition Organizer.
3.2. Works are submitted to the Competition through the “Upload Work” form on the Competition Website or via email
3.3. Each application must contain the following information: last name, first name, age of the participant, email address for feedback, telephone number, home country, title of the competition work, as well as a file with an image of the work or a file in video format attached to the letter.
3.4. For the Competition is provided the following:
- graphic work in HD, png or jpeg format. The file should not exceed 15 MB.
- video work in .mp4, .avi, .mov format, quality not lower than 720 dpi. The file should not exceed 50 MB.
The file with the work should be named: “Last name_ First name_ Title of the work.” You can add a short description (up to 1000 characters) if you want.
3.5. A participant can submit only his works for which he has full copyright.
3.6. A participant can submit no more than five of his works.
3.7. Works that are not related to the topic of the competition will not be accepted for the Competition.
3.8. After submitting of competition works, the participant receives a notification in the application form on the website that the works have been accepted.
3.9. The organizer is not responsible for the accuracy of the information provided by the participant during registration and he absolves himself of the blame if it is unable to contact the participant using the provided contact information.


6.1. The organizers reserve the right to make adjustments to the rules and competition timing by publishing information on the Competition website.
6.2. A participant in the Competition, by sending his work to participate in the competitive selection, automatically agrees that the Organizer has the right to publish and exhibit the work for cultural and educational purposes without additional agreement with the author. Competition works can be posted on the Competition website, as well as on the official accounts of the Competition Organizers on social networks. These materials may be used in promotional and other advertising materials of the Competition without payment of compensation to the author of the work.
6.3. The Organizers reserve the right to publish images of all competition entries and indicate the names and geographic location designated by the Participants in any media without the consent of the Participants.
6.4. Any questions regarding the terms and conditions of the Competition should be sent to the Organizers by email.
6.5. Objections, appeals and claims based on the results of the Competition will not be accepted.
6.6. The organizer is not responsible for services provided by third parties, in particular postal and courier services, as well as for organizations providing telecommunications services, including those providing Internet access.
6.7. The Organizer is not responsible for any force majeure events that may prevent the proper holding of the Competition.
6.8. The Organizer is not responsible for the actions or inaction of the Participant, as a result of which the Participant did not use or did not receive the prize.
6.10 The Organizer reserves the right to introduce changes to these Regulations during the validity period of the Competition. Changes come into force 3 days after the Organizer sends written information about the changes to all Participants.
6.11. All expenses for participation in the Competition (payment for Internet access, travel to the place where the winners of the Competition will be awarded, expenses for renting residential premises, etc.) are borne by the participant of the Competition independently.

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